Piri Piri

Flavours of Mozambique,

a proudly South African company.

Tio Zé Piri Piri Sauce recipe has been in Carlos Ramadas family since, well…since his Tio (Uncle) Zé (short for José) first made it many, many generations ago. Carlos was born in Mozambique and from a young child loved helping his mother cook traditional Mozambican food – food that is influenced by the spices and herbs used in Portuguese cooking, as well as a mix of Oriental and Arab flavours. He learned how to make TioPiri Piri Sauce at an early age and has been making it ever since. Now, everyone can enjoy this lovingly produced home-made secret.

The fusion of Indian spices and Arabic cooking has developed over time into a unique and flavoursome cuisine, full-bodied and aromatic with subtle after burn and lingering citrus flavours – think Afro-Mediterranean with Eastern influence.

You will find all these magical flavours in Tio Zé Piri Piri Sauce and Piri Piri Oil. Not too hot and not too mild with a gentle but firm bite in the after burn, we make Tio Zé products to exacting specifications from natural ingredients with NO additives or preservatives. 

Tio Zé is the authentic Mozambican Piri Piri crafted from the freshest ingredients – chilies, garlic, lemon juice, quality spices & herbs and sunflower oil.

Tio Zé Piri Piri Sauce & Piri Piri Oil are handmade, natural products with none of the artificial preservatives, flavouring, colourants, emulsifiers or stabilizers often found in commercially produced condiments.

  • No sugar added/low carb count
  • Low sodium, no canola (or any other GMO) oil
  • Gluten Free, Vegan, Paleo & Banting friendly
  • No bottled lemon juice, crushed garlic, vinegar, or water

Tio Zé Piri Piri Sauce prides itself on flavour and not on busting the Scoville (Chili Richter) scale. First, the flavour hits followed by a slow, satisfying burn which tapers off, allowing the taste to linger on. This is an artisanal sauce – robust and exploding with flavour.

Refrigerate before using and when the sauce is chilled vigorously shake the bottle until the sauce turns a glowing shade of “piri piri orange” then quickly dispense some into a bowl and enjoy….with everything!

Our newest product, Tio Zé Piri Piri Oil, is the ideal marinade when wanting a delicate enhancement of flavour.

A lean and tightly run concern, Carlos Ramadas, a Tio Zé founder, still oversees the production of every bottle so that customers receive a perfect Tio Zé Piri Piri. Business partner Wendy Stopford manages the business and exports. Tio Zé is based in Gqeberha, South Africa, where we make our products according to strict standards to ensure their freshness and integrity…. just as Tio Zé himself did so many years ago.

From first making Tio Zé Piri Piri Sauce for friends and family and later selling informally at markets, we now have a growing network of national retailers and speciality stores that stock our products, as well as customers who order online.

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